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26 September 2023

LitFin is fostering a stronger, united, and resilient Ukraine

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As we find ourselves in a world that sometimes seems more divided than united, we are keen to share a venture that we believe bridges gaps and fosters hope. While waiting for review from the Czech National Bank, a new investment initiative is emerging with a focus that goes beyond profit: to stand with Ukraine in its time of reconstruction and renewal.

Ukraine: A Beacon of Resilience and Potential

The situation in Ukraine is a living testament to the resilience and determination of its people. Amidst the ongoing conflict, the nation is harboring an untapped potential, particularly in the energy sector, embodying an opportunity to bring about positive change and stability to the region. Ukraine isn't just on a pathway towards rebuilding; it is stepping into a role as a promising leader in the European energy landscape.

As the country perseveres through its challenges, it is simultaneously aligning itself with European protocols, embracing a future defined by sustainable growth and environmental responsibility. This aligns with the EU's climate aspirations, ensuring that the development journey Ukraine is on, is one of mutual understanding and collaboration. While the road ahead is paved with challenges, it is also rich with opportunities, particularly in the realms of solar energy innovation.

Our Team: Committed to a Sustainable Future

We are not just investors; we are partners in fostering a brighter, sustainable future. Leading this mission is a team of seasoned Czech and Ukrainian experts, with a wealth of experience and a unified vision of uplifting communities through sustainable energy projects. It is with pride and hope that we introduce you to the individuals who embody this commitment:

- Jan Palaščák (Amper)

- Jan Ondřich (Amper)

- Maroš Kravec (LitFin)

- Ondřej Tyleček (LitFin)

- Dimitriy Prinus (UA experts)

- Yevgeniy Bogdanov (UA experts)

Each member brings a unique perspective and depth of experience, dedicated to navigating the complexities of Ukraine's evolving market. Together, we stand committed to fostering opportunities that transcend profits, aiming instead to facilitate growth, resilience, and hope in Ukraine.

Join us in this conscientious journey towards fostering a stronger, united, and resilient Ukraine.

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