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11 May 2020

Let's help the Tereza Maxová Foundation with ING

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ING Bank Czech Republic – Patron member of NCCC

It's hard to imagine what it's like not to have parents and live in an orphanage. There are 6,500 such children in the Czech Republic. They are dependent on the help of others. Especially now, in difficult conditions caused by coronavirus epidemics, when they are not educated in schools. Vulnerable children lack not only parents to help them with their learning, but also a technical equipment for online learning. Such a situation did not leave us cold.

The Tereza Maxová Foundation was a clear choice for us at ING. We have been cooperating for more than 15 years and thanks to it we can support children in children's homes and foster care. That is why we decided to contribute CZK 2.7 million to the purchase of laptops and protective equipment for children and to the provision of teachers who will take care of them. Thanks to this, 2,578 children can already learn safely.

Join us and contribute with us, through the Tereza Maxová Foundation. The Foundation's account number is 1002721295/2700. In the message for the recipient, please write: "pomoc detem”. You can use the variable symbol to choose how you want to help the children:

Education of children in foster care and children's homes

Variable symbol: 202001
Czech schools have been closed for several weeks, teaching takes place online and direct contact with teachers is not possible. Right now, children who often have some learning disabilities need help with tutoring, pay for online activities and technical equipment, including computers.

Mother and baby

Variable symbol: 202002
The state of emergency and the restrictions associated with it have a negative impact on the financial situation of many families, especially mothers single-breadwinner. Let us support families in need together to prevent the unwanted removal of a child if the mother loses her job or loses her home.

Material assistance for vulnerable children and organizations that help them

Variable symbol: 202003
There is a lack of protective equipment and medical aids in children's homes and other childcare facilities. Therefore, we will help with the purchase of drapes, disinfectants, thermometers, etc., to prevent the spread of the disease among children, educators and those who care for children.

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