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14 December 2023

KOGAA project Nová Zbrojovka, Castle has recently won the second place in the Estate Awards 2023!

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One of the KOGAA projects has currently won second place in the restoration category. The administrative building of Zbrojovka supervised the events in this legendary factory for many decades. After a sensitive reconstruction by KOGAA, it continues to perform the same function. In fact, it is one of the gateways to the unique development project Nová Zbrojovka - a new, modern, lively and connected urban district growing in Brno.

The multi-purpose building combines office space, retail and services. The overall reconstruction placed great emphasis on preserving the original historical elements as much as possible. Externally, the functionalist expression of the building was completely preserved, while internally, the marble panelling, staircases, fireplaces, furniture and the original elevator shaft were renovated.

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