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20 May 2021

Join New Energy Challenge 2021

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The New Energy Challenge (NEC) is a Netherlands-based initiative that invites European and Israeli entrepreneurs operating in the renewables and new energy solutions spaces to share their game-changing solutions that will shape the energy system of the future. Organized by Get in the Ring, Rockstart, Shell and YES!Delft the NEC connects start-ups and scale-ups with investors and experts, unlocking the knowledge, contacts, funding and support needed to scale their businesses and help them drive change in the energy system.

In this year’s sixth edition, the NEC will search for start-ups and scale-ups who can make Renewables & Energy Solutions more affordable for business customers and help those customers avoid and/or reduce emissions.

New Energy Challange and Shell

NEC’s mission to support young, innovative companies is more important than ever. In the coming decade, the world will need an increasing amount of energy to meet the growing demand that is required to ensure a high quality of life for people around the world. However, finding ways to lower carbon emissions has become increasingly important in the energy sector in the fight against climate change. Start-ups and scale-ups have, and will continue to have, a vital role in developing technologies for the energy system of the future. As the world recovers economically from the global COVID-19 recession, growing businesses based on affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy solutions will be of the utmost importance.

Marjan van Loon, President Director Shell Netherlands

More information about the initiative, including the criteria for participants, can be found on:

Shell is the NCCC Traders by Nature Patron Member.

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