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22 September 2016

Isold Heemstra to lead the Czech ING Bank

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Isold Heemstra

Since the beginning of September 2016, ING Bank in the Czech Republic has a new CEO: Isold Heemstra (42), who joined ING in 2002. He came to Prague from the German ING-DiBa, where he was first in charge of marketing and strategy and subsequently managed the mortgage loan department. In his new role, Isold Heemstra is responsible for the management and development of retail as well as corporate banking.

Isold Heemstra started his career at ING in 2002 in Global Management Program as project manager. In the following years, he held various international positions focused on strategic change and business in Canada and the Netherlands. In 2008, he was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of ING Insurance in Malaysia, where he also served on a committee responsible for implementing strategic projects in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2011, he moved on to the German ING-DiBa where he worked as a marketing and strategy director and later as a director of mortgage loans. In 2012, he joined the senior management team.

“Based on my international experience in various management positions, I came to the Czech Republic with the conviction that ING has the same objective worldwide, specifically top-notch services that empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business. For me, this means offering straightforward, comprehensible and transparent services to a wide retail clientele as well as specific solutions with value added for multinational corporate and institutional clients. I trust that with my long experience, sales and project skills and a wide network of contacts across ING, I will be able to direct and lead the Czech ING Bank to further development and prosperity in the spirit of ING’s global mission,” says Isold Heemstra, the new CEO of ING Bank in the Czech Republic.

Isold Heemstra will replace Jaroslav Vittek, who will be a director responsible for developing the corporate part of Wholesale Banking Czech Republic.

Isold Heemstra graduated in Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess Technology at Delft University with Master Thesis in Separation Technology at Clarkson University in New York State. He also took postdoctoral courses in business administration at the University of Rotterdam. His interests include sports, travel, photography and website creation.

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