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25 March 2022

Huisman provides groundbreaking technology for geothermal energy projects

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Building on its extensive experience in designing and building equipment for the Offshore Drilling market, Huisman also designs and delivers equipment for drilling geothermal wells. The very small footprint and containerised design ensure excellent mobility and make it ideal for use in high density urban areas. Previous projects include the drilling of geothermal wells in the city centre of The Hague and in Bergschenhoek, both in the Netherlands.

This spring, the outdoor landmark and decoration of many photographic images of Huisman in Czechia, the LOC 400-6 drilling rig, will leave the gates of its plant in Sviadnov.

Deutsche ErdWärme is the client for whose project LOC will be released. It is the largest German private operator of geothermal systems, specializing in deep geothermal energy. The drilling will take place gradually in 4 cities, while as first comes the development project in Graben-Neudorf, currently the most advanced Deutsche ErdWärme project.

The evaluation of data from 3D seismic measurements shows that at a depth of about 3500 meters there is an attractive thermal water aquifer. With the reservoir located in the light sandstone, it is necessary to take into an account the high natural permeability and temperatures above 160 degrees Celsius. These are ideal conditions for building a geothermal power plant that can produce both electricity and heat - renewable energy sources that will benefit the local community.

In 2020, the municipality of Graben-Neudorf decided to apply for the European Energy Award. The geothermal power plant would significantly increase Graben-Neudorf's chances of obtaining funding for the construction of its own thermal network, and the same applies for its chances of successfully participating in the European Energy Award.

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