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16 September 2022

How easy is it to save one human being?

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Read a story of Mr. Václav who now lives 'a normal life' thanks to 'Treatment Vouchers' (Ošetřenka) by the Salvation Army

Mr. Václav was sitting in the waiting room of the Doctor’s Office for the Poor run by the Salvation Army, where he regularly comes for treatment on both feet, which have recently started to open wounds after the amputation of all his toes, which he had to undergo in November 2016 due to frostbite. At that time, street workers found him severely hypothermic, and he did not wake up until two months later as a result of his hypothermia.

And so began his story with us at the Salvation Army. But you might be wondering, what happened before that? 

The life of Mr. Václav was no different from ordinary life. He was trained to become a construction worker and did this physically demanding work throughout his professional life. He got married and had three children with his wife. After a time, however, the couple got divorced and he lost all contact with his children and wife. As a result of the divorce and his departure from his then home, Mr. Václav returned to his parent's house. 

And as time passed, the older Mr. Václav got, the less strength, opportunities to work, and, of course, money he had left. The year 2016 came and then, within three months, both of his parents died. These two extremely sad events were then followed by discovering that the entire house had been bequeathed to another family member, and Mr. Václav had to leave the house. So, he suddenly found himself on the street. Yes, just like that. 

Because he did not have enough financial means to secure his own housing, he spent a few months on the street before the fateful November 2016 came.  Then there was this collapse, a stay in the hospital, then in the long-term sick hospital, and then in the Salvation Army Harbour Home in Kunčičky in Ostrava. This was the only facility that provided not only a roof over his head for a long time, but also the help of caregivers and medical staff who helped him in the process of recovery, especially in the process of learning to live with his new handicap. 

After some time, Mr. Václav managed to get back on his feet from his wheelchair. With the help of crutches, he learned to walk again. He spent a total of 3 years at the Harbour Home. From there he moved to the Hostel, where he spent the standard period of one year, and now he has successfully moved into independent social housing.

Homelessness is a consequence. A consequence of events, circumstances, adversity, sometimes gullibility, lack of precaution, relationship breakdown, business failure, death in the family, stressful employment, injury, and illness. It is the common denominator of a group of people who, through various life paths, have reached a point where society can easily label them homeless. People who are perceived by society as addicted to alcohol or drugs are dirty, intrusive, rude, the kind of people who are simply feared.

Now, you decide. Is Mr. Václav that kind of homeless person?

Ošetřenka | Treatment Voucher is a voucher worth 250 CZK, thanks to which the Salvation Army is able to provide a person without a shelter with treatment at a Salvation Army Doctor's Office. Join us in helping to provide much-needed medical care to people without shelter and others in need.

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