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16 September 2021

Hořím (I Burn): How passionate one can be about their job?

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Hořím (I Burn), a book of interviews with the best caregivers Simona Bagarová has ever met

Our member, Simona Bagarová, is publishing her book Hořím (I burn) on 23 September 2021. It is a book of interviews with the best caregivers she has ever met in her work.

A book about ordinary miracles and profound insights from daily contact with patients and clients. It is a book full of stories that move you and stories that make you smile. A book that tells the stories of those who influence the way the elderly people experience the end of their life.

Simona has been working in the field of elderly care for six years and sees it as a complex topic. During her work in various facilities caring for the elderly, she has observed the different approaches to caring for the elderly and the attitudes of the management of these facilities towards their staff. That's why she founded the D.O.M.A. program (which in Czech means "home") – an abbreviation of the initial letters of the words that form its essence – Dignity, Openness, Management and Atmosphere. Dignity and openness is the key for clear communication. When you add skilled and enlightened management, you create an atmosphere in which people are happy and amazing things can happen. Simona with her team in her organization MILA is gradually introducing this programme in selected facilities in the Czech Republic.

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