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17 March 2017

Healthy 5 prepared a new program for kindergartens

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Zdravá 5 natáčela s dětmi upoutávku na nový program

Albert Foundation’s program Healthy 5, which is focused on promoting of healthy lifestyle brings the news. The new program is prepared for children from kindergartens and it will motivate them to accept the principles of healthy lifestyle. During the entertaining and playful morning, children can join the enlightening story with songs.

The story of little Eva and Peter shows the children the right way to healthy eating. Little Eva and Peter explain children what should they eat and which food is unhealthy. The whole program takes place under the guidance of experienced instructor, who guides the children through the story and let them taste the healthy products in playful way. One hour program is diversified by instructive songs about healthy living and by gentle physical activity.

Competition for 25 theatre sets

Healthy 5 has prepared also a unique competition for kindergartens, where they can win a set of tools to rehearse a theatre performance for parents. The only thing they have to do is to prepare a short performance inspired by little Eva and Peter’s story with songs of Healthy 5 and shoot it on video. Healthy 5 will choose 25 best videos and reward them with the theatre set, containing everything from the script to the costumes and the props.

Healthy 5 is an unique educational program for primary schools and kindergartens. It focuses on healthy lifestyle, particularly healthy eating. Healthy 5 program has been realized by Albert Foundation since 2004 and during that time it has educated hundreds of thousands children in primary schools and kindergartens all around the Czech Republic. More information can be found on

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