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28 March 2022

GoodGroup. We fell for recruitment!

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When we founded GoodGroup eight years ago, our main idea was to raise the level of recruitment and awaken the world of recruitment. GoodGroup includes the GoodCall recruitment agency, the Recruitment Academy training platform, Datacruit recruitment software provider, the revolutionary recruitment platform, and Genixa – a non-profit organization.

GoodCall. HR Consulting agency

At GoodCall, we bring you a refreshing new approach to recruitment! We use innovative tools, creative methods, and modern technology to find passive candidates. We also launched the first mobile app on the market for job seekers!

A crucial part of our business is the Recruitment Outsourcing division. How does it work? We provide our experienced, trained, and highly professional sources and recruiters for short-term cooperation. Our recruitment outsourcing division has you covered whether you need to cover vacations, the temporary absence of your HR staff, or you are launching a new project that you need candidates for. If you do not want to add to your team with new permanent employees, we make it so you do not have to!

Datacruit. Recruitment Software provider

Datacruit has built its intuitive recruitment software for easy and effective communication with candidates and managers, as you remember from the latest article about Datacruit expansion! It allows many functions and features like sourcing automation, candidate matching, bulk emails, advanced recruitment analytics and much more!

We have also expanded with a new job portal -!  It serves candidates while also letting clients of the Datacruit ATS recruitment application advertise here for free.

Genixa. Non-profit organization

Our colleagues at Genixa help disadvantaged candidates and students without any experience on their way to employment. We provide individual consultations, courses and webinars free of charge - all with tips on how to be successful in the job market.

Recruitment Academy. HR courses and webinars

At Recruitment Academy we provide courses that are available both online and offline,  in various areas ranging from interviewing techniques, creating job advertisements, interview psychology, talent sourcing to a complete LinkedIn guide and its advanced techniques.

You probably remember last year's brand new course package  Digital HR Leaders  that is still available from the record.

An extremely important part of our business is also the Recruitment Academy Awards.

Since 2015, we have been awarding awards to companies with the most innovative HR marketing. Through the visibility of the best projects, the Recruitment Academy Awards competition points to the growing importance of activities in the field of HR marketing and employer branding. The awards call on companies in the Czech market to refresh their procedures.

Binary. A matching platform for web developers

Binary is one of our revolutionary projects, it is a simple matching platform for developers. There is no need for companies to search or approach the candidates. Everything is automated, the developers sign in and start receiving the offers, and no recruiters interview them at all. Get in touch with the company directly!

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