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23 September 2021

DATACRUIT Applicant Tracking System is expanding

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Having efficient recruitment processes requires a modern approach and modern technology. That's why Datacruit ATS is so popular with recruiters in various companies. Moreover, Datacruit is expanding and also provides new features such as a built-in job portal -!

Why implement an ATS

Companies are abandoning the use of Excel spreadsheets as a way of managing recruitment and are instead implementing the ATS - Applicant Tracking System. In general, it allows you to easily manage and track incoming applicants, keep data organized and accessible to all your team members and hiring managers to review and much more.

With these platforms, you can sort out candidates and interviews, engage managers in recruitment, integrate various job portals, and connect LinkedIn or career sites - everything in one place.

Here are the main reasons why both large and small companies should consider using an ATS: you will be able to improve the candidate experience, create your pool of candidates, have an overview of your recruitment funnel, actively involve hiring managers, store data safely, and overall make your recruitment processes more efficient.

Datacruit ATS

Datacruit ATS is intuitive recruitment software for easy interaction with candidates and managers. Our ultimate goal is to help recruiters improve productivity across the whole organization by reducing hiring headaches and recruitment challenges.

Our ATS is a platform specially designed to streamline recruitment processes and help our clients to sort candidates, track the development of interviews, directly involve hiring managers in the recruitment process, integrate with various job portals, and connect with LinkedIn or your own career site. Using Datacruit ATS is helping our clients to save up to 40% of time associated with the recruitment process and speed up the candidate sourcing by 80%!

Free HR training and content by Recruitment Academy

Datacruit ATS clients also benefit from an integration with our sister company, Recruitment Academy, as they can get access to all the online training and webinars free of charge via Datacruit ATS. AND, all the face-to-face courses are provided with a discount of 30%. All content is directly related to topics in HR and recruitment, such as talent sourcing, employer branding, interviewing and more!

New job portal

At you will find more than 2,000 new positions in 19 industries at leading companies such as RohlĂ­k Group, Fortuna Entertainment Group, Tieto, Saint Gobain, CreativeDock, and many more. The portal offers positions not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but also hundreds of interesting job opportunities abroad.

Additionally, job portal is not just for candidates. All clients of the Datacruit ATS platform are offered free advertisement space on the website.

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