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24 June 2021

Generation Z is the future of entrepreneurship: Join us in creating entrepreneurial Czechia!

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Even before successfully passing his final high school exam, David Stančík developed the Daruju krev app, which motivates blood donors and saves lives across the Czech Republic. Unlike his peers, he was not afraid to talk about his business plan, which led him not only to successfully cooperate with hospitals and closing new promising partnerships, but also to winning the 4th edition of the Soutěž & Podnikej program.

David Stančík, Daruju krev, winner of Soutěž & Podnikej 2019

Soutěž & Podnikej is a three-month after-school activity for high school students to give them direction, self-confidence, and the courage to implement their own ideas. Since its inception in 2015, over 800 active high schoolers have participated in the program, receiving support from organizers, mentors, and industry professionals. Soutěž & Podnikej has helped more than 20 companies enter the market, given rise to dozens of internships and laid the foundation for a career life for hundreds of high school students.

Václav Kuboň, winner of Soutěž & Podnikej 2020, with his Seek Speak app

The Foundation for Education and Entrepreneurship, which organises the Soutěž & Podnikej programme, aims to create an entrepreneurial Czechia. It is therefore working to change the educational system, which in the future will create innovative, competitive and entrepreneurial individuals ready to tackle 21st century’s challenges.

Find out how the most talented members of Generation Z create innovative projects with broader impact by contacting Martin Vitek at Become a partner of the Foundation for Education and Entrepreneurship and discover talented innovative youth entering the market before anyone else.

Join us in creating entrepreneurial Czechia!

Discover Talented Innovators (pdf presentation / download)

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