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25 February 2020

Fuel your Growth with Young Talent

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Learn how to supercharge your employer branding to attract candidates from the world’s best universities

Last summer, College Life Media – a Dutch award-winning employer branding agency – expanded to the Czech Republic. The brand helps companies launch impactful employers branding campaigns to attract some of the world’s brightest candidates.   

“Quality employer branding is essential for companies to attract and retain top young talent” says Kristian Voldrich, the founder of College Life. “It’s about telling the authentic story of what it’s like to work at your firm using the right channels, mediums & content types.”  

Headlines of successful employer branding campaigns are often the source of inspiration for many companies interested in this topic. For example, Netflix published their corporate culture deck where they were very direct; “You are going to work hard. This is not an easy job. We’ll pay you well, but make no mistake, if you take this job, this is going to be a very, very challenging job for you. But we’ll take care of you if you decide to accept it.“ This perfectly depicts the importance of transparent communication.

Despite every company having some form of employer branding, not everyone knows how they’re stacking up against their competitors. College Life published a Complete Guide to Employer Branding to help companies revisit their assumptions and audit their existing activities. 

“In ICT alone, there is a total shortage of 20.000 specialists on the Czech Market,” wrote Pavel Louda from Computerworld. “The Czech market could, however, immediately employ up to 115.000 IT specialists.” College Life Media helps companies supercharge their employer branding through state-of-the-art media planning, production & distribution. 

About College Life Media

College Life Media is an award-winning employer branding agency. Its mission is to continuously implement state-of-the-art digital marketing practices that truly capture attention. Our team rigorously evaluates upcoming digital marketing tactics & through purely data-driven decision making, implements effective marketing campaigns. All campaigns are tailored to capture the target audience’s attention at every stage of the decision-making process.
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