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25 February 2022

Feel like flying to Bali? KLM will take you there!

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As of 8 March 2022, KLM will start flying to Denpasar (DPS) again. Flights to Bali were initially planned as of the start of the summer schedule, however customers can now travel to Indonesia earlier. KLM will fly to DPS via Singapore (SIN) twice a week on Tuesday (KL835) and Friday (KL813) using a Boeing 777-300ER with the following schedule:

Prague                1425     Amsterdam       1600

Amsterdam       20:05    Singapore           15:30
Singapore           17:00    Denpasar           19:45+1

Denpasar           20:55    Singapore           23:35
Singapore           01:15    Amsterdam       08:15+1

Amsterdam       1215+1 Prague                1340+1

Customers having DPS as their final destination must be fully vaccinated. They are advised to check at all times before travel.

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