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26 June 2019

Enlarged Production Capacity with State-of-the-Art 6kW Fiber laser

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SixPointTwo is a modern production company based on three core competencies: sheet metal, powder coating and assembly. With a team of 100 professionals, the organization makes mechanical and mechatronic components and modules for western European customers. The plant in Humpolec has enlarged its production with state of the art 6kW fiber laser. SixPointTwo is able to laser different kinds of metal parts and thus respond effectively to any production requirements.2835

We are very glad to have made the crucial decision to invest in Trulaser 3030 fiber from Trumpf, which has changed the quality of our services provided in many ways and reflected the speed of assembly and the overall quality of our products. 2D fiber laser from the supplier Trumpf is a high-performance laser with incomparable cut quality. Thanks to the simple concept of operating, it is perfect for making laser-cut parts. This enables optimisation of the company's overall production chain.“, says Marco Wielink, Managing Director of the company.

New technology—new challenge. The representative is not only quality but excellent products with highly efficient processes and excellent results. The success is to invest and strive for identical goals. The principles of the enterprise clarify the values and objectives and transfer them to the business. Modern technology spins the world while replacing labour shortages with executive assistance in services and metal production. See and learn more about us on or visit us directly in Humpolec 396 01, Lnářská 1825 after making an appointment via contact jana.brunova[@]




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