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19 December 2018

Employers: ready to increase wages up to 15% and hire majority of people for permanent positions

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Majority of companies in the Czech republic (over 90%), are ready to offer up to 15% higher salary, to attract and retain talent. The companies that are most opened to improving the salary package, are those in the manufacturing/industry sector as the latest Randstad HR Trends Survey states. 61% of surveyed companies plan to hire people for permanent positions.

Randstad survey

shortage on skills addressed by offering better salary packages

The majority of respondents (88%) is impacted by skills shortage and thus plan to hire new employees, only 36% plan to recruit for temporary positions. The main reason for new hiring is staff turnover (24,5%), followed closely by national/international growth of the company and market growth. One third of companies experienced higher staff turnover compared to the previous year, whereas half of them says it is more or less the same. „The survey showed an interesting fact that every year, 20% of people change their job. Manufacturing and services are the sectors most affected by attrition. The most common reasons for change mentioned by employees are better salary offer, career change and better career opportunities elsewhere,“ says Alžběta Honsová, marketing manager of Randstad Czech Republic, adding that most of the new hiring is expected in manufacturing (23 %), IT/technology (17,5 %) and sales (14 %).

Time to fill a vacant position? Up to 3 months

Only 18 % of respondents are able to find a new talent in less than one month, majority of companies needs more time. Too thirds of companies spend 1-3 months looking for a new employee, the rest even more than 3 months. The most effective source to find the right people are referrals which companies tend to promote among their employees with referral programs.

Hiring people over 50 is confirmed by half of surveyed companies that take measures such as flexible work hours, shortening the workload, internal retrainings and IT skills training to ease recruiting of older generations.

One fifth of companies consider their salary package better than their competitors

Despite 20 % of companies that think their salary offer is better, 90% of respondents are are willing to pay more to retain or attract talent are production, engineering, IT/technology, sales, and HR/training/development. Moreover, nearly 60% of companies increased salaries in the previous year.

Interested in more data about HR strategy and plans of Czech companies? You can download full report here (

About the research

The Randstad 2018 HR trends report presents data gathered from 200 companies in the Czech Republic. The manufacturing/industry, computer/software services/internet, entertainment/hospitality/tourism, and construction/real estate/property management sectors together make up more than 47% of the sample.

About 38% of the surveyed companies have fewer than 50 employees. Organizations with more than 1.000 employees represent about 18% of the sample. About 34% respondents work in the HR department; most of them are managers/supervisors with a decisive or important role in the recruitment process.

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