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21 September 2023

EKP Advisory is preparing a special seminar on transfer pricing

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EKP Advisory participated in the largest gathering of financial experts in the Czech Republic in May. The theme of this year's CFO Congress was Financial Management in Times of Uncertainty. The event attracted 218 finance professionals. Lukáš Eisenwort from EKP Advisory is preparing a special seminar on transfer pricing for them, which will take place on Friday, 13 October 2023. This seminar is primarily aimed at CFOs and business owners, but anyone interested in the topic of transfer pricing can attend.

"My talk will cover the practical side of transfer pricing - which is the documentation required, benchmark preparation, and the current developments in transfer pricing post-covid, post-energy crisis and inflation. In order to comply with tax laws, it is essential that the documentation is complete and correct," says Lukáš Eisenwort, Managing Director of EKP Advisory.

Transfer or Transfer Pricing represents the financial amounts for which companies trade with each other. This includes companies from different countries as well as within the same country.

You can sign up here and find more information at

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