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18 April 2017

DRFG becomes a member of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce

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DRFG investment group has joined the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce as of April. The group, which was established by David Rusnak in 2011 in Brno, focuses primarily on investments in real estate, health care, utilities, financial services, and telecommunications. DRFG also operates two mutual funds and is the main partner of Kometa Brno ice hockey club.

Pavel Ivanyi

DRFG will be represented in the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce by the Group’s Executive Director, Pavel Ivanyi. “We are happy to have become a member of this prestigious organisation. Membership of the Chamber will enable DRFG to offer its services to a wide community of Czech and Dutch companies associated on this platform,” says Pavel Ivanyi.

DRFG sees also an opportunity to work directly with the Chamber. “We will be happy to offer the Chamber participation in our financial education projects or involvement in our DRFG Foundation,” explains Ivanyi.

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