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15 June 2021

Discovering the beauty of Czechia

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Project Beauty

If there is one phenomenon that will always intrigue us, it is beauty. Its puzzling nature has inspired philosophers, musicians, poets, and painters and still puzzles us today.
Beauty is a pervasive element of today’s society. The word is used by nature lovers, artists, priests, politicians, hairdressers, and nail salons. The way beauty is perceived and used defines a culture.

So how does the Czech Republic look at beauty?
The Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce is endorsing a plan to find out, and you can take part in this.

The plan is to take the international survey Project Beauty to the Czech Republic. Project Beauty originated in the Netherlands and has been conducted in seven countries over the world until now:  USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, and Peru.

Project Beauty has started a B2B crowdfunding campaign to organize the first Czech version. You can also find out more about Project Beauty on their website

For (Dutch) companies working in the Czech Republic, several specific sponsor perks are available, such as joined publicity, inspiring gift items, knowledge sessions or an in-company HR-version of the survey.

For enquiries: send an email to, or follow Project Beauty on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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