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12 March 2024

Discover the real tastes and flavours of Indonesia with a 10% discount

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Come to Garuda, enjoy a daily Lunch menu and get a 10% loyalty card for 3 months!

Come and relax in the pleasant atmosphere of Garuda Restaurant & Café in Prague's Holešovice. Taste the unique specialities of Asian cuisine. Don'´t forget to try special tea blends or fresh fruit juices in the café. Garuda baristas will prepare excellent Indonesian coffee just for you.

The chill-out relaxation zone will surprise you with its informal atmosphere. Somewhere you can truly relax. And the quiet lounge will provide a peaceful space for study, your business or corporate meetings.

Collect Garuda stamps to your new loyalty card

If you want to enjoy delicious Indonesian meals with a discount, come to Garuda for the daily lunch menu, and get a new loyalty card and start collecting Garuda stamps!

After your fifth visit, you'll get an one-shot 5% discount.

After your tenth visit, you'll get a card with 10% discount for 3 months. Lucky you!

Note: If you are a holder of the original Garuda 10% discount card, please note that it will expire on 31 March, 2024.

For more news and upcoming events, please follow Garuda on Facebook, Instagram @garudaprague and website

Garuda Team is looking forward to you! ❤️

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