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5 July 2017

Déhora becomes a member of the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce

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Déhora Central Europe has joined the Netherlands-Czech Chamber of Commerce as of June 2017. The company is specialised in workforce planning and scheduling, and business process optimisation. Déhora has a proven track record all over Europe of more than 30 years.

Déhora Consultancy Group: A workforce planning expert and market leader from the Netherlands has entered the Czech market. We support companies in many different industries and have experience in practically every sector of the economy: production and manufacturing, healthcare, government/public sector, security, logistics and more. Our services are used in environments where it is not easy to plan workload due to often changes and fluctuating demand.

Especially in time of strong competition and labour shortages, adequate workforce planning is vital for increasing productivity and reduce illness, process errors and overtime hours. Better roster and scheduling will help you attract and retain your personnel and significantly enhance general satisfaction.

Déhora is expanding into the Czech Republic because of its historically low unemployment rates (the lowest of the EU) and schedules that decennia long have not been adapted to changed market circumstances. Let us help you increase your companies´ market flexibility and efficiency as we have already done for hundreds of organizations.

We provide especially these services:
- Roster design & self-scheduling
- workforce planning management and optimisation
- interim planners & managers
- dedicated planning software (planning and roster)
- all levels of workforce planning management and optimisation courses
- recruitment assistance
- possibility to outsource your planning entirely
- other business process optimisations
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