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19 February 2020

Czech Škoda Dealership Reached Record Results

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The Auto Palace Skoda team accomplished the record sales results last year and further strengthened our position in the Czech market. The total of 1837 new Skoda cars sold was reached in 2019, which represents the best result in the 6-year history of the brand in the Czech Republic. Year on year, there was a steep increase of sales by 52 %, which improved our position from 10th to 6th in the highly competitive Czech market. Skoda is traditionally the strongest automobile brand with the 30+ percent market share in the Czech Republic. Apart from the increase in volume, Skoda also belongs to the most profitable brands of the current Auto Palace portfolio. 

New Fleet Strategy at Auto Palace

The successful result was made possible by long-term efficient retail activities, that were complemented by a new business strategy aimed at fleet. In the Czech Republic, Skoda models are actually in a high demand as fleet cars – a total of 87% of Skodas sold by us went to company clients. We managed to increase our Skoda fleet sales by 660 units last year.

Relationships with Leasing and Finance Partners

The newly assembled Central Fleet Team under the leadership of Jana Hasova succeeded together with our Skoda sales team in increasing the volume of cooperation with leasing companies by 63% and established a collaboration with all significant partners active in the car financing industry. Auto Palace thus became the preferred partner by all major financial providers in the Czech Republic.

Acquisitions Through Teamwork

The successful results were also enabled through the acquisition of clients in the “Big Fleet” category, i.e. companies with 100+ cars in fleet. Huawei or Ahold are examples of such newly acquired corporate clients. The success of the new Auto Palace business strategy implemented at the beginning of 2019 is powered by an excellent cooperation between the Central Fleet Department and the Skoda sales team (photo).

Rich History of AutoBinck and Skoda

The grand opening of Auto Palace Skoda showroom took place in Prague – Sporilov in February 2014 (photo). In the competitive environment of almost 200 Škoda dealers in the Czech Republic, the Auto Palace brand establish itself over the course of 6 years among Top 6 players. Sales of Skodas is no news to AutoBinck – already in the 30s of the last century AutoBinck imported Skoda automobiles to the Netherlads. The pre-war model Skoda Popular (photo) sold well to Dutch customers. AutoBinck continued importing Skoda cars to Netherlands also after the second world war and then in the 80s.

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