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26 June 2017

Cyber Rescue and DBH Group provide training to Hungarian CEOs to rehearse recovery to cyber crises

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Executives from Hungary’s leading companies gathered on Thursday8th June, to practice how to lead commercial recovery after a major data breach.

Budapest, Hungary – CEOs and executives from Hungary’s leading companies participated in a simulation of a major data beach run by Cyber Rescue, the leading consultancy based in London, UK in collaboration with DBH Group. DBH Group and Cyber Rescue have signed a collaboration agreement in March 2017. Under the agreement they will provide cyber recovery services in the CEE region. The event was also supported by the American Chamber of Commerce on 8th June at the Kempinski Hotel.

“The number of major data breach events increased significantly over the last year and effected major commercial as well as political organizations. Hungarian business leaders have wisely recognised they must be ready to lead commercial recovery if hackers breach their defences,” said Sándor Erdei, CEO of DBH Group. “This simulation helped CEOs reflect on why information security is so important, by rehearsing the decisions they might confront during a major data breach,” he concluded.

“Reputations are ruined, revenues are compromised and operations are overwhelmed, when executives are unprepared for the cascade of commercial consequences that can follow a major breach,” said Kevin Duffey, Managing Director of Cyber Rescue. “I was very impressed by the professionalism shown by the leading Hungarian CEOs who participated in this simulation,” he concluded.

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