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13 December 2021

Customers together with Albert donated 1,362,000 portions of food to people in need

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Big thanks belong to the thousands of customers who participated in Albert Food Collection during last weekend. Customers donated 362,000 portions of food and joined Albert, which donated 1,000,000 portions of fresh and durable food in November. Customers mostly donated products for baking, nuts, baby food, pasta or tea. The food helps single mothers, seniors or kids in orphanages and make their Christmas happier.

During last weekend, customers in Albert stores donated 181* tons of food, which represent 362,000 portions. This amount is three times bigger than Albert’s customers donated in Food Collection in November. "We hope that this Christmas food donation will help thousands of people in need like single mothers, seniors, orphanages or families in need. We would like to thank to all, who participated in our Food Collection, so big thanks to all customers, volunteers, employees and organizations," says Jiří Mareček, director of communication in Albert.

Donated food goes straight to almost fifty orphanages, NGOs or charities as well as the Food banks, which will distribute it to thousands of people in need.

"Time before and during Christmas is very difficult for people who are in social or economic troubles. There are some expectations related to this season that are hard to fulfil for people in need. During Christmas people spend more time at home, so they need more food and have to deal with it," describes Veronika Láchová, director of Czech Federation of Food Banks. "I would like to thank to Albert, not only by the Food banks, which it supports, but as well by them who can have Christmas with smile and less troubles," he adds.

*One portion means 0,5 kg of food.

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