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3 March 2016

CTPark Plzen expanding

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CTPark Plzen has registered a sharp increase in leasing and construction activity since the beginning of 2016. Most recently, German retail chain Lidl announced that they will launch a logistics and eCommerce facility in CTPark Plzen, concretely unit BP18.
CTPark Plze

The Lidl facility, a 30,000 m2 customization of an existing building plus extension, is set to commence next week, and is scheduled for full operation by the end of the year. Lidl expects to have up to 1,200 positions in the future when operating at full capacity.

“The adaptation of an existing building to a highly automated e-commerce operation can bring unique challenges, but as developer and long-term owner of our buildings, CTP has extensive experience with the maintenance and upgrades to state-of-the art technology to keep them relevant for modern businesses," states Hendrik Jung, Senior Business Development Manager, CTP.

“Challenges for BP18 include the upgrading of the HVAC and fire-safety systems and ensuring that a complex mezzanine and conveyor system fit and function perfectly,” states Hendrik Jung.

“A similar example of a successful mid-lifecycle upgrade is CTPark Divišov, which we recently outfitted with an array of modern, energy-efficient tech, resulting in an improved energy-rating,” states Jaroslav Kaizr, Business Director, CTP.

CTPark Plze2

Other news from CTPark Plzen

Chinese electronics manufacturer, Hisense, have leased 10,000 m2 in unit BP5, with an option to extend operations by a further 5,000 m2 during 2016. In order to better service Hisense, logistics companies, Lagermax Spedice and Japan’s SGL will also expand operations in CTPark Plzen in the near future.

Construction of a 5,000 m2 facility in BP19 continues apace for a global leader in automotive seating and electrical systems, scheduled for hand-over in May 2016.

CTP's portfolio of A-class industrial properties has lettable area of approximately 3.25 million m² (as of 31st December 2015) and CTP´s updated commitment is to grow to 5 million m² by the end of 2018.

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