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4 November 2021

Crowdberry to hold its first Czech & Slovak forum on impact of growth capital

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Bratislava/Prague, 28 October 2021 – Czech and Slovak investors, company founders and entrepreneurs will meet to discuss and share their experience with growth capital and its impact on the value of companies. The first Crowdberry Forum is to be held on 23 November 2021 in the form of virtual conference and the program will consist of presentations and panel discussions attended by representatives of innovative Czech and Slovak companies such as BoataroundFootshopGymBeamIsadore, CreativePro and Sensoneo.

The Crowdberry investment platform allows private investors to invest directly in Czech and Slovak companies and real estate. Since 2015 the companies can raise capital for growth and business development in a transparent way with a possibility of integrating their customers into the ownership structure and gaining access to the ecosystem of innovative companies known as smart investors and partners.

“Growth capital can mean a huge leap for a company. It gives the company a chance to grow quickly, expand to other markets, launch new products, and even acquire the competition. It can increase the value of the company as well as the impact of its business,” says Dano Gašpar, Managing Partner of Crowdberry.

“In our opinion, the external financing of companies through growth capital is an extremely important topic, especially in times like these. This is why we decided to organise a forum focused on opening up this topic on the Czech and Slovak markets and to show its importance not only from the perspective of investors and companies, but also in the context of the European economy and its prosperity,” Gašpar adds.

The last two years have seen the breaking of many long-accepted ways of doing things. Companies have had to deal with unprecedented disruption and respond with flexibility to fundamental changes in customer behavior. Investors were forced to reconsider what types of investments make sense in this rapidly changing environment. In this kind of dynamic, access to growth capital is taking on a new dimension.

The nearly three-hour event will feature inspiring stories from young Czech and Slovak companies and entrepreneurs. At the same time, it will present the perspective of investors – what investment criteria they based their decisions on, how they can help “their” companies, and how they view the value that the company has created thanks to the new capital. The discussion panels will also touch on critical periods for a company and show that growth capital can serve the needs of more than just expansion.

Crowdberry Forum 2021 - Capital is not just money is a pilot event of a wider initiative aimed at exchanging information, sharing experiences, but also educating and networking for local companies looking for access to growth capital and also for investors who want to participate in their growth, value creation and expansion abroad.

The event will take place in the form of a virtual conference. The live broadcast can be watched online or in person at the Crowdberry investment café in Bratislava. Find the complete agenda and registration link here:

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