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13 December 2021

Community connecting active students, teachers, and schools around hot topics of the future

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That is exactly what the Future Port Community is about. The platform has risen alongside the 1st Future Port Youth conference this November. Its goal is to be a vibrant safe place where active students, teachers, and innovators connect, exchange, and share ideas on how to leverage exponential technologies to improve this world. Our shared values are equality, curiosity, network, and courage.

Join in for free at

But that's not all! Our live conference might be over but there is more great content!  Expert Talks are lectures on the topics such as

  • Catching a thief with AI
  • Your future career in IT sales
  • How to start Learning AI
  • Why study tech
  • and more.

The sessions are delivered by experts in the field from Deloitte, Google, Etnetera Group, and the Czech Technical University in Prague.

Watch Expert Talks for free here.

Find out more on our Community’s webpage, Expert Talks’ webpage and help us spread the word to get even more excited students, teachers and schools onboard! All the activities are free to any interested enthusiasts!

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