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19 August 2019

Philips: Come and help ALS patients on September 7th

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Philips Czech Republic would like to invite you to the Prague City Swim 2019, a first edition of an event inspired by the 12th edition of this activity that takes place in Amsterdam. Philips and Philips Foundation supports ALSA, which is an NGO that takes care of patients with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), on a long-term basis. Come and have a swim, or try the popular paddleboard! Feel free to bring your kids with you, as there will be interactive fun activities for children at the Philips booth.

You can help ALSA by volunteering to:

  • Swim 1650 meters
  • Swim 600 meters
  • Join Philips team on paddleboards
  • Help the ALS patients swim their 200 meters
  • Help organize the event on site

Who has volunteered already?

Ondřej Šebl
Ondřej Šebl is the first volunteer to swim 1650 meters in the Vltava river. Don't leave him in this alone and come swim as well. Join him to get a good workout while helping or register for a shorter swim of 600 meters. You will be accompanied by Simona Baumrtová-Kubová, David Svoboda, Daniela Písařovicová, Štěpánka Hilgertová, Matěj Ruppert, Patricie Solaříková, Jana Plodková, Peter Pecha, Emma Smetana,Thom Artway, Kateřina Sedláková and other famous swimmers.
Vít Kopelent

Vít Kopelent is one of the first volunteers to join the Philips paddleboard teams. We want to build at least two teams and we need 6 people per team. The paddleboard journey is 1650 meters long.

Vít is also volunteering to help swimmers with ALS to swim their 200 meters in safety. Join him to help Vladimír Mikuláš and other swimmers achieve their goals.

Vladimír Mikuláš
Vladimír Mikuláš, a patient with ALS sent us a message: "Putting on sneakers and running is common. But to change into a swimsuit and immerse yourself in the Vltava, this is leaving your comfort zone. And without leaving the comfort zone, the level of consciousness cannot be shifted. And that's why I will go to the Vltava, although I am not a swimming lover. Will you go with me? And if you can't go straight into the water, we are looking for volunteers, wishing for fans, athletes and artists to promote our event. Let's not miss this first year. I look forward to seeing you!"

Watch this video for Simona Baumrtová-Kubová and others to invite you 🙂

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