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21 May 2020

College Life: Lean Recruitment [Audit]

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As an international brand, it is likely that you face making important trade-offs when deciding which resources to allocate to your global expansion activities. COVID-19 has made it that more natural to work remotely, and forced companies to evaluate how lean they truly are. The harsh reality is that most regular activities can be cut out, and have been cut out as a result of the pandemic. Not only do we value our time more, we realized that most processes can be automated, meetings can become emails and recruitment can be moved entirely online.

College Life has helped international household names such as ING, Uber and Havel & Partners re-think their hiring processes. We'd love to hear your story, and learn about how the new way of working has impacted your company.

Request a free audit with College Life, and acquire recommendations that will help you understand how to maintain a competitive edge in the uncertain years to come.

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