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19 November 2020

CTP will open CLUBCO co-working space in Brno

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Our long-standing Corporate member, CTP, will open its first co-working space in the Vlněna business park in the centre of Brno on 1 February 2021.

CTP will open CLUBCO co-working space in Brno 1

Part co-working space, part serviced offices, CLUBCO aims to provide a flexible workspace where you can find everything in one place, become a part of a likeminded community and create valuable connections.

The 2,000 m2 CLUBCO workspace comes with fully equipped offices, 24/7 service, high-tech meeting rooms equipment, all in a modern design that will provide you with the right work environment and creative space for your business. It even includes an indoor bike parking space.

CTP will open CLUBCO co-working space in Brno 2

For freelancers, smaller companies or larger businesses who are looking for a representative space to meet their partners and stakeholders, CLUBCO offers a wide variety of options. From 1-hour hotdesking to a fixed serviced office, and many options in between, CLUBCO provides ultimate flexibility to meet individual, and ever-changing needs.


For a private tour of the CLUBCO prior to its opening, please contact Klára Mezouar Šikulová, Co-working Manager.

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