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11 April 2021

Impact Hub introduces ClimAccelerator: a brand-new environmental platform in Europe

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The Climate Challenge Acceleration Programme by Impact Hub has transformed into the ClimAccelerator program. The launch of ClimAccelerator program can be described as a real international success. Five organizations from five different countries join a partnership with EIT Climate-KIC, the European leader in green innovations and smart solutions for the protection of our resources. Everyone, who can contribute to carbon neutrality, future of food, climate change mitigation, agricultural practices and technologies etc. now has a lot of new opportunities to grow and increase their positive impact. 

Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia and Greece, these partner countries together will now offer not only acceleration support, but also new opportunity how to attract attention on the foreign scene. Registered and selected projects can gain an investor, chance to implement the product on a new market or share the experiences across with new experts.

“ClimAccelerator offers all the benefits of conventional accelerators and much more. As a participant you will have the chance to attend various workshops, work individually with mentors, get professional consulting and be part of a mastermind group. Moreover, let’s not forget the opportunity to get in touch with an exceptional community. Finally, it is a must to mention the financial support, which is pretty great to,” comments Lenka Krákorová, program manager of Czech ClimAccelerator.  

Lenka Krákorová, program manager of Czech ClimAccelerator

Applications are open till 27 April. The main part of the program will be held in English and online - offline only on a local level. There are more than 200 experts connected to the acceleration. Accelerated projects will be led by a mentor who stirs the team in the right direction and streamlines their growth. The extra value for registered projects is the feedback - how Alan Kay said, “A change of perspective is worth 80 IQ points”. 

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