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9 March 2015

Changes in the NCCC team

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90_Iva Simova
90_Veronika Karaskova

Dear members, please be informed that the current staff of the NCCC includes Veronika Karásková and Iva Šímová. Martina Netuhová left the Chamber as of 28 February, 2015. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Martina and wish her all the best with her new job.

Iva Šímová returned to the Chamber part-time, after a one year break due to her maternity leave. She is taking over all responsibilities from Martina Netuhová, so you can turn to her regarding the Bulletin, website, LinkedIn and general inquiries. Iva, who has worked for the Chamber since 2007, will closely cooperate with Veronika Karásková, who continues to be responsible for events, CRC, financial and office administration.

Please do not hesitate to contact either Veronika or Iva with any ideas or questions regarding your membership and the value added you expect from the Chamber. The NCCC team strives to deliver maximum performance for your maximum satisfaction!
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