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13 December 2023

ČEZ ESCO and CTP build photovoltaic power plants on the roofs of CTParks

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ČEZ ESCO and CTP, the largest developer and owner focused on sustainable construction of industrial-logistics properties in the Czech Republic, have launched a strategic cooperation in the field of modern energy and renewable energy. In cooperation with ČEZ ESCO, CTP intends to equip the roofs of selected CTParks with photovoltaic power plants in the coming years. The first joint photovoltaic system, with an output of 2 MW, has already been built in CTPark Prague East in Nupaky near Prague, on the roofs of warehouses where the logistics company Raben is located. A test run of this rooftop PV system is currently underway. New power plants are also being built at CTParks in Chrášt'any near Prague, Hradec Králové, Brno, Ostrava and Cerhovice near Hořovice. The companies are also considering extending their cooperation to other areas of modern energy.

"The construction of photovoltaic power plants is an integral part of the long-term and comprehensive sustainability initiative of our CTParks, which we design as energy independent. We are constantly looking for and then applying new and more efficient solutions that will contribute to higher quality and lower energy consumption in our buildings. We do this in line with our long-term solar plan, which aims to build a cumulative installed capacity of 250 to 300 MWp by 2030 in the Czech Republic alone. It is great that we can work with such an experienced and strong partner as ČEZ ESCO and together not only implement PV but also introduce new and innovative solutions. I'm also very pleased that our clients, like Raben, fully support these initiatives, which allow us to work together to reduce our carbon footprint and overall operating costs," saysJakub Kodr, Head of Business Development, CTP in the Czech Republic.

"Our cooperation with CTP is proof that major market players clearly see the economic and environmental benefits of PV. Photovoltaics can help Czech industry not only to reduce energy bills, but also to meet climate commitments, which in the case of CTP are extremely ambitious. Thanks to its experience and breadth of services, ČEZ ESCO can offer CTP a turnkey delivery from plant design through installation and connection to plant servicing. We are also discussing other possibilities of cooperation - for example in the field of electromobility or EPC energy saving projects," says Kamil Čermák, CEO, ČEZ ESCO.

Within the framework of the cooperation, the first photovoltaic power plant, with an output of 2 MW, will start operating in the CTPark Prague East in Nupaky near Prague, with the construction now being completed and undergoing trial operation. The power plant in Nupaky has been built on the roofs of logistics buildings on an area of over 8,422 sqm and will produce 1.94 GWh of emission-free electricity per year - equivalent to the consumption of more than 550 households. In a year, this photovoltaic system saves 964 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The electricity produced from the PV will be consumed locally within the CTP site. The warehouses on which the PV plant is located are used by the multinational logistics company Raben, which itself has very ambitious climate targets.

"Our long-term vision is to reduce the carbon footprint and climate impact of our business as quickly as possible. We recognise that the logistics sector is highly energy and resource intensive. We therefore want to reduce CO2 emissions from our office operations by 30 percent and emissions from freight transport by 10 percent by 2025, among other things. Green electricity supplied by photovoltaic power plants fits in well with this concept," says George King, Lease & Facility Manager CZ&SK, Raben Group.

This year, construction of other photovoltaic power plants has already started, in which ČEZ ESCO and CTP are cooperating.

LocationArea covered by panels (sqm)Planned output (kWp)Planned production (MWh per year)Emission savings (year)
CTPark Prague East (Nupaky)8 4222 0061 941964
CTPark Prague West (Chrášťany)4 416898869431
CTPark Cerhovice II3 968822796395
CTPark Hradec Králové, phase I1 691350339168
CTPark Hradec Králové, phase II1 493309299148
CTPark Ostrava–O2311 9692 5102 4291 206
CTPark Brno5 9251 1541 117554
CTPark Brno (Černovické terasy II)6 1351 2891 248620
Total44 0199 3389 0384 486
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