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2 June 2016

“Bertíci” are back at Albert hypermarkets

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The Albert Foundation has reinstated its successful charity program, called “Bertici,” which had run from 1999-2012 and supported hundreds of charity projects focused on the education and development of children from social disadvantaged families. Many Czech associates and customers still remember this very popular program, and the Foundation believes “Bertík Helps” program will be successful again in helping Albert be a good neighbor.

Bertík pomáhá_resized

The charity program will run in 91 Albert hypermarkets. The principle of the program remains the same: for every purchase over CZK 200 (€7), the customer gets a token called a “Bertík.” They can then insert this token into a voting machine at the checkout to support one of two shortlisted projects from their neighborhood.


Social organizations and institutions can apply to be part of the program by mid-July through a dedicated on-line registration system. The Albert Foundation will choose the organizations that will be shortlisted to go to a final vote by customers at the Albert hypermarkets.

Then Bertici will start up in the stores in the fall. The project that gets most votes in each region will receive a donation of €2,100 and the second most will receive €1,300. In total this year, the Albert Foundation will donate CZK (€140,000) through the Bertici project.

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The Albert Foundation in the Czech Republic was established in September 2009 to support healthy lifestyle for children and their parents and education, integration and development of children from socially disadvantaged groups. This mission is fulfilled by way of the regular grants and implementation of their own projects. Since 2004, educational program Healthy 5 focused on good and healthy eating is driven by Albert brand. The program is designed for children and their parents and it shows the principles of healthy eating in a playful way.

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