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25 July 2017

Auto Palace reached record turnover of CZK 3 billion in 1H 2017

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After first 6 months of this year, the second largest automotive dealer in the Czech Republic Auto Palace Group, has reached the CZK 3.1 bn turnover. At the same speed growth, the group will reach the CZK 6 bn in 2017 and achieve the largest turnover in the company's 26-year history.

The business of Auto Palace Group continuously grew in first half of this year. The group has sold a total of 5,834 new cars and 1,548 used cars and with the turnover of over CZK 3.1 bn after the first 6 months, the company aims to achieve the best results within its operations on the Czech market since 1991.

The figures from the company´s records show, that the turnover almost doubled in comparison with 2014. Also the business in 2015 and 2016 had a growing tendency. Auto Palace still holds its position of dealer No. 1 of Ford, Hyundai, Mazda and Mitsubishi brands. In the first half of this year, the most significant sales growth was recorded by Ford with +14 % increase and Volvo with +12 %. In the used cars sector, Auto Palace has sold the total of 1,548 cars. It regarded mostly the lower middle-class vehicles with gasoline engines.

"Our long-term strategy is to be a dynamic company, with responsiveness to market changes and business opportunities. Price is still the number one factor in deciding where customers purchase their car and Auto Palace is aware of this factor. The figures show us that we are continuing the business growth, also the feedback from our customers is very positive. After 2 years since we launched our own Youtube channel, we have more than 500,000 views of videos of our own production, also the number of followers on Facebook is continuously growing,“ says Niek Hertsenberg, Chief Executive Officer, AutoBinck Car Distribution and Retail B.V.

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