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27 April 2018

Auto Palace Group reached record turnover in CZ and once again exceeded 10,000 new cars sold in 2017

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  • Auto Palace's turnover in Czech Republic reached 6 billion CZK which is record result since start of its operations in 1991
  • Overall 10,392 new cars were sold to customers in 2017
  • The most successful brand of the group is Ford where the model line is dominated by Fiesta
  • In Czech Republic, Auto Palace is the biggest dealer of Ford, Hyundai, Mazda and Mitsubishi
  • The biggest increase in units sold was achieved by Volvo: +11% y-o-y
  • Record also in used car sales: 2,917 cars
  • Reaching to more customers from the private sector
  • A major award for Auto Palace Group in Car Insurance category

Auto Palace Group has published results for the year 2017. In many parameters from an economic perspective a record results were reached.

The Auto Palace Group has reached a record turnover of 5.95 billion CZK in 2017, which is an increase of 2.8% in comparison with the year 2016. It is another record result in a row since 1991. The credit for it goes among other things the sale of new cars of all car brands in the Auto Palace Group where we managed once again to conquer 10 thousand units sold. We have sold exactly 10,392 new cars on the Czech market.

The title of the most successful automobile brand in the Auto Palace Group for 2017 was defended by Ford with 5,359 cars sold on the Czech market, with the Fiesta model being the most popular with 1,880 sold cars. With three other Hyundai, Mazda and Mitsubishi brands, Ford is the most successful car dealer in the Czech Republic in terms of the total annual car sales. Another car brand of the Auto Palace Group, which has achieved a significant year-round result is Volvo. Thanks to the XC60 and XC90 models, in 2017, it recorded the largest sales incerase compared to the previous year of +11% for both Auto Palace´s dealerships in Prague and Brno.

In 2017, Auto Palace also saw the strengthening of sales of new cars to customers in the private sector. This is proved by a change in the sales ratio to private and corporate customers from the original value of 25:75 (2016) to 30:70 in 2017.

Also the results in the sale of used cars, which are represented by AutoPoint in the Auto Palace Group can be marked as record-breaking. A total of 2,917 used cars were sold to new owners, up by 3.1% compared to year 2016. A great deal of credit for this sales record has a larger share of used car owners who have recently taken chance of obtaining a used car on operative leasing.

The successful year 2017 of Auto Palace Group has also confirmed the growth of the key performance indicators in the service area. One of the main criteria for the annual rating is the number of service hours worked in all branches of the group in the Czech Republic. The total of 290,655 service hours in 2017 is an increase of 3% over the previous year.

The Auto Palace Group also received a significant award in 2017 for the area of the auto-insurance in sales and leasing business from Allianz.

“I am very glad that we have achieved such results again in the past year, which has been on record levels of all times. At the same time, Auto Palace is also a representative of innovative approaches on the Czech market with the help of a strong foreign owner. This is evidenced by our current activities in the application of new alternative technologies such as electromobility and related new processes. We want to strengthen our goals this year in innovation. One example is our own project, which will start soon in the field of shared mobility, more precisely fleet carsharing. We know that the automotive world will change dramatically in the years to come so we honor the famous saying that fortune favors the prepared”, stated Martin Saitz, CEO of Auto Palace Distribution and Retail.

For more information, please contact:

Tomáš Vaněk

PR manažer Auto Palace

Mob: +420 734 313 315

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