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26 September 2023

AMA WEAR helps the world of inclusivity grow

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In cooperation with fashion designers from all over the world, AMA WEAR offers fashion designed for people with one breast who don't want to wear a breast prosthesis, but still wish to feel beautifully dressed. The designs are available for download as sewing patterns on By this, people with one breast worldwide get the opportunity to wear fashion which fits their unique bodies.

In 2017, CEO Barbara Pella underwent an unilateral mastectomy due to breast cancer. Dealing with clothes while having an asymmetric upper body, kept her busy every day during the years. She found out: With over 2,3 million new cases and 685,000 deaths in 2020, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide. Of 30,101 mastectomies performed across 13 States in the US in 2013, two-thirds were unilateral. A 2014 study found that about 44% of women didn't have reconstruction after mastectomy.

Having one breast only, a person can be exposed to enormous psychological stress. The right fashion, and the feeling to be understood by others, can have a supportive effect on the person, both physically and mentally. Realizing this, knowing that there are so many more people on earth who deal with the same topic as she does, and feeling deep gratefulness that she is still alive, Barbara Pella founded a non-profit organisation AMA WEAR Spolek in 2023.

AMA WEAR is still young, but things develop amazingly fast - at the end of this year, first sewing patterns are expected to be online! If you wish to stay updated, or read about the various possibilities to help AMA WEAR and thus the world of inclusivity growing, visit

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