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17 September 2021

Albert Foundation runs for good thing

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Albert Foundation organised traditional charitable run for Albert employees from Prague and Olomouc. This year it attracted over 350 colleagues who spent a pleasant sport afternoon together, enjoyed healthy refreshment, met kids from orphanages, but first and foremost ran 1,942 kilometres for good cause and collected 194,200 CZK.

Run for Albert Foundation is a traditional event that has been running for several years. "Last year due to pandemic we had to replace our charitable run with online version and colleagues collected kilometres individually and recorded them in the app. Everyone was so much pleased to be able to meet in person this year and share fun. And of course, as a sweet reward, we had not only a sport activity, but the good cause connected," Alena Paldusova from the Albert Foundation.

Running orphanages

At the beginning of summer, they started sport challenge for orphanages. Kids could collect kilometres in run, walk, tours or cycling. All involved kids collected more than 5,000 kilometres. The best six orphanages shared the amount of 194,200 CZK, which 350 Albert's employees had collected by the charitable run and walk. The orphanages will use the support for sports and other courses for kids to develop their talents.

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