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19 June 2023

Albert participated in Diversity Month and announced news for mums and dads on parental leave

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Albert employs 20,000 people, including students, mothers on maternity leave, parents of young children, the middle generation, as well as seniors. Albert's teams are as diverse as the society. That's also why it decided to get involved in Diversity Month. To mark the occasion, Albert launched a portal to support parents and organised panel discussions, webinars or open days.

"At Albert, we support an inclusive approach. We have a diverse team structure because we know that diversity also promotes good performance, cooperation and good team spirit," says Ctirad Nedbálek, HR Director at Albert. But it's not without work. "We have to be able to work with diversity and naturally create an environment where it thrives. It's a process we have been working on intensively over the last few years. We organise various training sessions or training courses for managers or complete the teams in the stores appropriately. For example, so that a young member of a small store team doesn't feel uncomfortable in a team that is, for example, over 45 years old. We try to offer him a position in another store where his peers are also present and where he will feel more comfortable," explains Ctirad Nedbálek.

Even more contact with parents

Albert also wants to intensify communication with mothers and fathers on maternity or parental leave. In cooperation with the Marter company is launching a mentoring and development programme that offers a wide range of educational courses, training and up-to-date information on what's happening in company. The aim of this programme is to stay in contact with them as much as possible, to involve them in the company's events and, if they are interested in working, to offer them the possibility of flexible involvement and, if the position allows it, to work from home.

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