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27 April 2018

Albert: Bertik helps to tens of organizations by nearly 4 million crowns

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During these weeks the Albert Foundation has been acknowledging projects that have succeeded in the charity program "Bertík Helps 2018". In total, nearly 80 organizations across the Czech Republic will receive almost 4 million crowns. Winning regional projects to support the education and development of children from a socially challenging environment were voted by the customers of more than 300 Albert stores. These meetings offer a great opportunity to gathering of representatives of Albert, organizations and regions. Because regions and local communities are places, where Albert works, helps and interconnects.

Bertik helps to tens of organizations by nearly 4 million crowns

These weeks are very festive. In different regions of Czech Republic ceremonial awarding of cheques to winning organizations goes on. Eight tens of organizations focused on helping to disadvantaged children won in the charity program “Bertik Helps” which is run by the Albert Foundation. And now the most beautiful part of this program – awarding of cheques to winners – takes place. The awardings are holding on very ceremonial level directly in the hearts of regions – in Regional Offices of concrete areas.

The awarding enable to meeting of region’s representatives with representatives of the Albert Foundation, Albert and winning organizations. During the formal part of event speeches of all part are given. The presenter shortly interviews the nervous and shy winners and helps them to gain the confidence. When cheques are handed, official photos taken, the live performance of children skills starts the informal part of event. During it the organizations are sharing their experiences with office’s and Albert’s representatives and they are finding other possible way of cooperation. Many of these organizations already take part in other Albert Foundation’s activities such as charitable and educational project Children Fairs in Albert which goes on during Christmas and Easter in Albert stores.

The Albert Foundation has built up permanent, strong and friendly relations with many of organizations to which is helping for many years. Jiřina Kühnelová, the director of Children’s Home in Jemnice, confirmed that: “Thanks to long-term support provided by the Albert Foundation we are able to fulfil dreams of our children. We can let them have various educational and leisure activities which enables them to grow and develop themselves.”

The ceremonial awardings took place already in five regions: nearly half of million crowns were donated to ten organizations in Central Bohemia Region, 325 thousands crowns were given in Ustecky Region, 270 thousands in Olomoucky Region as well as in Vysocina Region and 360 thousands crowns were donated to organizations in Zlinsky Region.

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