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19 March 2024

A year of growth at MEVI-CZ

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In 2023, MEVI-CZ celebrated its 25th anniversary of successful operation in international engineering markets. The company saw this as a chance to reach even higher standards and extend the services they offer to both current and prospective business partners.

Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority for MEVI-CZ. They mainly focus on one-piece or small series production, but they also offer prototyping and provide heat and surface treatment of parts and including final assembly. MEVI-CZ employees are used to provide all-in-one solutions to the customer’s demand. They keep moving forward.

In accordance with the company's long-term effort to renew the machine park, they have equipped the quality control department with a new Mitutoyo 3D measuring machine, to take advantage of a new perspective on the company's high-precision manufactured parts.

Although MEVI-CZ has focused on quality from the very beginning, it was only till last year that they have decided to become an officially certified company and obtained the ISO 9001 quality certificate. There is always room for improvement, and the MEVI-CZ employees have learned a lot during the certification process. Now they can provide you with an even higher level of quality and service. You are cordially invited to visit MEVI-CZ and see for yourself!

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