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2 December 2011

TNT Express: Abandoned children are closer to the fulfillment of their dreams

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The non-profit Organization "Ano, ano," together with TNT Express, has started its SEN (DREAM) pilot project.

The aim of the project is the fulfillment of the dreams of children who have health and social disabilities and are in children"s homes or with foster families primarily from Central Bohemia and Prague. The first four children from a children"s home in Unhost will now have the opportunity to see their dreams come true. Seventeen year old Niky will receive financial support for one year so she can live in a starter home. Daniela will learn to play the flute, Martina will practice gymnastics and Sarah will be going to school in the countryside. The guarantor of the project is Paralympic cyclist Michal Stark.

"The DREAM Project is aimed at helping individual children with social and physical disabilities, allowing them to try something new, while giving them the initial and long-term support for their development. Within the project we want to build a child"s sense of individuality, uniqueness and responsibility. We believe that a little help can be a great impetus for change," explains the Director of the civic association, Ludmila Zachova.

Unlike similar blanket projects supporting children"s homes, this project focuses on individual children. This is especially appreciated by the directors of children"s homes. "We support the DREAM project because we perceive it as balanced and inspiring; it gives kids hope that they can, with their disabilities, achieve a lot. At the same time it is necessary to tell them that in order to fulfill a dream, a lot needs to be done, they need a strong will and courage," says Mgr. Jiří Beránek, Director of the Children"s home in Unhost.

Part of the project is the support of paralympian Michal Stark on his way to the 2012 London Paralympics to try and win gold. "I was lucky that despite everything, my dreams usually came true. Still, I have another dream – winning gold in the Paralympic Games in London. To be the best, I need support, and this project gives it to me," said Michal Stark, adding: "Project DREAM is a step in the right direction. It allows some children’s dreams to come true, which they could not without the DREAM project and the "Ano, ano" organization. Also I personally would like to help them make their dreams come true."

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