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17 June 2022

Young people from Albert spent afternoon with kids from orphanage

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Members of Young people from Albert group (YAD) organized visit of kids orphanage close to Prague. Goal of this trip was to get to know better how this kind of organization is working, spent time with children and also improve their knowledge of Albert foundation mission.

Members of YAD spent beautiful afternoon together with children from Nové Strašecí orphanage. Together they enjoyed creative activities such as preparing pictures form fruit and vegetable. At the end of the day, they played a friendly football match. Except of lots of fun, the YAD members got know kids’ daily routines presented by orphanage director Alexandr Krško. Children made for them a tour via orphanage and showed their favourite places.  

Group of young people in Albert (YAD) organizes during the year lot of webinars, seminars, events and trips.

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