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1 July 2016

X-Document: Prize-winning software solution Intrexx presented to Czech companies

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X-Document House Prague Group s.r.o., the sole agent for the modern intranet solution Intrexx (, was awarded the “International Partner of the Year” prize by the German company United Planet.
The representatives of X-Document received the award at the Portal Visions international conference. All of the papers at the conference had one theme in common: the Intrexx solution, for which United Planet was awarded the Social Business Leader 2016 title for the third time in succession.
While Intrexx is used by hundreds of German companies, ranging from large manufacturing corporations to small family businesses, it is still a novelty for Czech users. Thanks to its flexibility, this unique solution has a great chance of becoming an established product in the Czech market too.
Intrexx is an intracompany solution, capable of fully adapting itself to users’ requirements. It is tailor-made to meet the actual needs of a business, supporting the automation of internal processes and helping, for instance, to find company documents.
The huge advantage of Intrexx over other intracompany systems is its flexibility and its ability to integrate with the existing systems, which eliminates the need to migrate company data.
The representatives of X-Document communicate their customers’ experience with Intrexx in order to better illustrate the benefits of the solution. Petr Kuchyňka describes on behalf of the manufacturing company KASI why they chose Intrexx – it was specifically because of the need of the company to get a large volume of administrative information across to the production department: “No box solution suited our need to extend the functionality of the internal KASI system – quite on the contrary, we needed a customized solution.”
Thanks to the Intrexx solution, KASI workers can now display all necessary information about ongoing operations on TVs situated right at their workplaces. Kuchyňka says that thanks to the newly implemented solution the workers are well-informed since they can look up any necessary information at any time, which also significantly increased labour productivity. Mutual substitutability of individual workers has also noticeably improved because workers can immediately access information about their (new) work task – right at the workplace – and do not have to undergo any time-consuming training.
Petr Šulc, Intrexx Specialist, +420 220 410 710
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