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13 December 2023

Why choose KLM

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Every day, we do our very best to be your favourite airline. Find out why our passengers keep flying with us.


We know flying is not the most sustainable way to travel. We are committed to creating a more sustainable future for aviation.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

SAF can reduce CO2 emissions by at least 75% compare to kerosine.


Your contribution to our selected reforestation project will help reduce CO2 in the atmosphere and restore ecosystem.

Sustainable on board

Small changes can make difference.

Sustainable flight challenge

22 airlines and 1 challenge organised by SkyTeam.

Direct flights from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport around the globe

We flight direct from Amsterdam to more than 150 destinations around the world.

24 hours to cancel

If you have a change of heart within 24 hours after booking, you can cancel your booking, and we’ll reimburse the costs – no questions asked. We won’t even charge you our standard administration fee.

Would you like to think a bit longer about your purchase without worrying the price might go up? For a small fee, you can also choose to take an option on a flight. We’ll guarantee the price, so you can decide later.

Best airline for passengers

In 2022, we’ve been awarded the APEX World Class Award for best airline for passengers! This award is the highest category in APEX’ global awards within the airline industry. It represents exceptional recognition of achievements in safety, well-being, and sustainability.

Correcting a typo in a name

Booked your flights and discovered a mistake in the name on your ticket? Making a typing mistake happens to the best of us. If it’s only a typo, we’ve got you covered. Learn more!

We’ll keep you informed

From the moment you book your ticket until you board your flight, we’ll let you know right away if your flight is delayed or disrupted or if your gate changes.

Disruption? We got your back

Is your flight disrupted? You can count on us. We’ll inform you right away by phone or e-mail of the flight change or cancellation. Next, we’ll immediately get to rebooking you on the first available flight. The moment we find a free spot, we’ll contact you again about your new flight schedule. Naturally, we’re here to help if you want to change to a different flight or if you have any other questions.

If your new flight doesn’t depart the same day, we won’t let you fend for yourself. From a cup of coffee to a hotel stay, we are serious about making you comfortable.

24/7 service on social media

Questions, requests, or don’t want to miss out on what we’re up to next? We’re here for you around the clock, in 10 languages, and on the channel of your choice. Find out more!

Onboard care & comfort

We always aim for excellent service! If you have any remarks, please inform our cabin crew. They’ll do their very best to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

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