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21 February 2022

Vote for "HOŘÍM" by Simona Bagarová at Magnesia Litera!

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Our charity partner, organization MILA, focuses on the quality of care for seniors in care homes. They base their great work on dignity and quality and the principle of their programme D.O.M.A., which is “satisfied caregiver = satisfied client”. Their goal is to support five care homes this year.
Simona, head of MILA, published a book HOŘÍM last year. Her book speaks about five best caregivers she has ever met. Today almost 1500 copies are sold, reprint is getting ready and Simona has a full inbox of positive reactions to it. Now they have a chance to have an even bigger impact! Will we help them to achieve it?
Please vote for HOŘÍM in reader’s award category of Magnesia Litera. Those 50 seconds of your attention can help MILA to become more seen and heard. And what that may mean? A chance for a better quality care with dignity for all of us!

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