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2 February 2021

Travelling between the Czech Republic and The Netherlands from 5 February

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Travelling between the Czech Republic and The Netherlands will become more complicated starting this 5 February. For reference to the above table: The Netherlands has been categorised as a red country by the Czech Ministry of the Interior.

In response to the new coronavirus variants and the subsequent EU coordination measures, the Czech government adjusted the conditions for entry into the Czech Republic. The explicit ban on all non-essential travels to the Czech Republic still applies.

The travel traffic light map has been adjusted in accordance with EU rules by including the new category of high-risk (dark red) countries and unifying the evaluation criteria.

With the exception of green countries, all travellers have to fill in the Public Health Passenger Locator Form prior to their arrival and submit a negative test result (carried out 48 hours or less prior to the entry). PCR tests are required in the case of dark red countries.

For red and dark-red countries, a second test upon arrival is mandatory. In the case of red countries (such as The Netherlands), the test has to be carried out not later than 5th day after the arrival, in the case of dark red countries not sooner than the 5th day after the arrival. Until the negative test is submitted, self-isolation is obligatory, including the impossibility to commute to work. With the exception of green countries, wearing a FFP2 mask/its equivalent or a disposable surgical mask everywhere outside one’s home for 10 days following the arrival is required.

Exemptions will apply primarily to international transport and regular cross-border movement (cross-border workers, students and child care). The short-term visit exemption has been reduced to 12 hours. For diplomats, the current exemption has been reduced to 72 hours. The EU+ countries will be evaluated regularly on the basis of the ECDC data.

In accordance with the coordinated EU approach, non-EU+ citizens are still banned from entering the Czech Republic, with the exemptions listed on the Ministry of the Interior website, and are included in the category of dark red countries.

These measures come into effect on 5 February 2021 (00:00).

For reference, please find the rules for travel to The Netherlands here:

Further information: Ochranné opatření – omezení překročení státní hranice ČR, s účinností od 5. 2. 2021 do odvolání – Aktuální informace o COVID-19 (

The conditions for entry of persons to the Czech Republic change with effect from Friday February 5th, 2021 - Ministry of the interior of the Czech Republic (

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