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26 February 2021

The Voerman Group, Global Mobility provider, responds to the clients' needs for digital solutions

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Pick and choose your relocation services online

Digitalization of mobility processes is a constant topic in the moving industry and is one of the ways the Voerman Group is finding opportunities to fine-tune the connection with an assignee and his/her family. Due to the current COVID related restrictions, there is a growing demand for new and more efficient means of communications.

The Voerman Group is responding to these needs and has created digital solutions and virtual services for international assignees, especially in these times when in-person visits and accompanied assistance are less common. In addition to virtual relocation services, Voerman’s innovative video survey app can be used to estimate the household volume for the international move.

With 35 years of experience, the Voerman Group is an industry leader in Global Mobility. Annually, The Voerman Group relocates more than 10,000 international assignees moving abroad for business purposes. Clients can choose from a wide spectrum of services ranging from the actual packing of personal belongings to help with finding a home at the new destination.

The Voerman Group offers assignees the opportunity to easily pick and choose their relocation services online. Assignees can use the web shop to choose the services that suit their wishes and budget. Whether they choose a virtual orientation tour, assistance with immigration documents, an accompanied home search or help with finding a school for their kids, it is all available. The assignee has the option to choose virtual assistance or accompanied service. With this, they can easily create their own tailor-made happy landing package online. A big plus for both the employer as the employee. Please visit: to choose your relocation services online.

And discover all of Voerman’s services and digital solutions at:

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