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25 May 2015

The Salvation Army: Interview with Adeola, a good cause runner

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1. When did you start with fundraising and what was your motivation?

My first run for the Salvation Army was the 2014 Half-marathon. I have been fundraising and working with homeless people in Prague since November 2010. I started a group and we cook and give food to the homeless on Saturday mornings. When I found out the Salvation Army was associated with marathon, it was no-brainer. I could combine two things close to my heart.

2. Why did you choose the Salvation Army?

We have been in touch with the Salvation Army since 2010. The Salvation Army manager gave us a presentation on the reasons for homelessness and how we could really help. We set up a voucher system, so we pay directly to the Salvation Army and give vouchers to the homeless instead of cash. It was a very easy decision, to choose an organisation I believe in that’s doing something I’m passionate about.

3. How do you actually fundraise money?

All I did was ask! So I made a Salvation Army sign-up sheet with my target time at the top and asked people to sponsor me to meet that target. No-one actually waited till after the race to donate… Running was just another avenue to help the homeless. The Salvation Army is a well-established and devoted organisation that is able to make use of the money.

4. What would you recommend to other runners? How they can help others?

My recommendation is to make things count. Running can be a very personal hobby but you can also make a big difference without doing much. According to the Salvation Army, ’30 EUR feeds and shelters 10 homeless people’. Sometimes you need not only ask for sponsorship, you can also hold events like a bake sale, share your talent... and let people know you’re doing it to help a good cause. Most people want to help but are overwhelmed by all the needs around them... So find an organisation you believe in and be their motivator.

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