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26 June 2020

TMF: The Global Business Complexity Index 2020

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Understand the challenges and opportunities of doing business in 77 jurisdictions around the world.

The international business landscape is more complex than ever, according to the latest annual Global Business Complexity Index (GBCI) by TMF Group – with COVID-19 adding a significant economic and social layer.

The research analyses three key areas of business operations - rules, regulations and penalties; accounting and tax; and hiring, firing and paying employees.

Find out:

  • Which jurisdiction tops the 2020 business complexity ranking and the jurisdictions that are ranked the simplest.
  • How international trends are driving standardisation and where local practices persist.
  • The ways in which technology is fostering a globalised business environment and how this is developing around the world.

Three global trends emerged from this year’s research:

  • International alignment battling localisation
  • Modernity battling tradition
  • Technology simplifying business operations.

To learn more about the country rankings, global trends and how to stay ahead of complexity download your free copy on the TMF Group website.

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